Public Officials
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     Office holders in Chesterfield County, Virginia


Daniel Boisseau   1797-early 1800's

Patrick Boisseau  1804-

           Office holders in Danville, Virginia 

                   City Sergeant

William Edmund Boisseau 1868-1878

              Deputy City Sergeant        

William Edmund Boisseau about 1865-1868

       Office holders in Dinwiddie County, Virginia

    Members of the House of Delegates

John Goodwyn Boisseau 1825-1829 and 1829-1830 

James Boisseau 1857-1859 

Albert W. Boisseau 1859-1861

  Members of the Board of Supervisors
                     Namozine District
Thomas H. Boisseau 1872-1877 and 1879-1885 

                    Judicial Officers
              Justices of the County Court

Joseph Boisseau 1801 

Lemuel Holt Vaughan 1815-1826
(mother was Mary Goodwyn Boisseau)

John Goodwyn Boisseau 1826-1832 

James H. Boisseau 1830, 1831, 1836, 1837-56 

William E. Boisseau 1834, 1835, 1837-40 

Peter Boisseau 1838 

A. W. Boisseau 1856, 1860, 1864 

James Boisseau 1860 

Robert G. Boisseau 1860 

Thomas H. Boisseau 1864 

                    Judges of the County Court

James Boisseau 1871-1874 


James H. Boisseau  1849-1851 

                         Deputy Sheriffs

John G. Boisseau 1814 and maybe longer 

Lemuel Holt Vaughan

          Commisioners of the Revenue

Joseph Boisseau 1799-1804 and 1804-1807 

James Boisseau 1847-1851 

Robert G. Boisseau 1851-1857

                Commonwealth's Attorneys

James Boisseau 1852-1856 

     Office Holders in Johnson County, Missouri  


Oscar Gilliland Boisseau