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These folks are descendants of the Rev. James Boisseau who are interested in researching this familyPlease e-mail me if you want to post your line.-Thank you, Beth
Beth Bond
I am a triple Boisseau descendant from the Rev. James Boisseau and his wife, Sarah Holmes. The Rev. James' son, Capt. James married to Mary Holt and I am descended twice from that couple's son, James III and once from their son, John. From two of James III and his wife, Anner Fitzpatrick's children as follows: Their son Benjamin Boisseau 1769-1845 who married Mary Epes and their daughter, Thyrza Holt Boisseau 1797-1827 who married Lemuel Holt Vaughan 1794-1826, Thyrza and Lemuel were my 4th great-grandparents. Also, James III and Anner's daughter, Susanna Boisseau 1777-1847 who married Benjamin Hatcher and their daughter, Martha A. Hatcher 1801-1874 who married to Richard Archer. Martha and Richard's daughter, Delia Susan Archer 1825-1865 married to Thyrza and Lemuel's son James B. Vaughan 1823-1868, in 1845. Now, John Boisseau and his wife, Martha Goodwyn had a daughter named, Mary Goodwyn Boisseau b. about 1770-d.1799, and she married Peter Vaughan b.about 1750-d.1816, their son Lemuel Holt Vaughan is mentioned above. It goes around in circles doesn't it? If you are researching any of these people please e-mail me! Thank you! 
Irene Schreiner
Irene is also descended from Rev. James' son, Capt. James and his wife, Mary Holt, through their son, Benjamin Boisseau 1753-1819/20 who married to Amey who died in 1807. One of Benjamin and Amey's sons was, Benjamin Peterson Boisseau 1787-1862 who married Temperance, their son, Robert Goodwyn Boisseau 1814-1868 married to Martha Eppes Hardaway 1815-?, their son, Thomas H. Boisseau 1836-1916 married Lavinia E. Stell 1839-bef.1900, they had a son, Trueman Garnett Boisseau, born 1870, who married Maria Theresa Healy and they are Irene's grandparents. If you have any of these lines in common with Irene, please e-mail her. Thank you!

Lee Jacobsen
Lee is also a triple Boisseau descendant. He is descended from two of Capt. James and Mary Holt's sons. From James and Mary's son, Benjamin Boisseau 1753-1819/20 and his wife, Amey, Lee is descended twice. First, from Benjamin and Amey's son, Joseph Boisseau 1775-1816 and his wife, Mildred S. Coleman born 1780, their son, Joseph Williamson Boisseau 1800-1867 and his wife, Julia A. Rives, through their son, Joseph Boisseau 1829-1905. Second, from Benjamin and Amey's son, James Holt Boisseau, born 1791, and his wife, Martha P. Vaughan, through their son, James Poythress Boisseau 1818-1892 and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Scott 1823-1890, through their daughter, Josephine E. Boisseau 1843-1906. Now, Joseph Boisseau, son of Joseph Williamson Boisseau and Julia Rives mentioned above and Josephine E. Boisseau mentioned above were married and they were Lee's 2nd great-grandparents. Also, Martha P. Vaughan mentioned above is another Boisseau connection for Lee leading back to John Boisseau, son of Capt. James and Mary. John Boisseau married Martha Goodwyn (see Beth's line above), and their daughter, Mary Goodwyn Boisseau married to Peter Vaughan, Martha P. Vaughan was one of their daughters. If you are connected to any of Lee's Boisseau lines please send him an e-mail. Thank you! 
Andrew Boisseau
This is Andy's line from Rev. James and Sarah, his wife, through Capt. James and Mary, his wife, through their son, James III. Andy is descended from James III and his wife, Anner's oldest son, Daniel Fitzpatrick Boisseau 1760-1824, and his wife, Priscilla Hill 1768-1856, through their son, Peter Fitzpatrick Boisseau and his wife, Eliza Bradley, through their son, Caleb Capers Boisseau 1848-1915 and his wife, Belle Coleman, through their son, Richelieu Coleman Boisseau 1894-1959 and his wife, Oakie Lee Booker 1903-1976, Andy's grandparents. If you have this line in common with Andy please contact him. Thank you! 
Linda Hayes
"I am a descendant of Rev. James Boisseau, b. @1660 in France, and his wife Sarah Holmes. They had Capt. James who married Mary Holt. James and Mary had a son James III. James III married Anner Fitzpatrick and they had a daughter Susanna Boisseau. Susanna married Benjamin Hatcher in 1798 and they had Susan Boisseau Hatcher. Susan B. Hatcher married James Bott and they had a daughter Susan Boisseau Bott. Susan Boisseau Bott married Frederick Clarke Weisiger. They had 3 sons. Their son William Patteson Weisiger married Buena Compte (Connie) Weisiger. William and Connie had Sue Davidson Weisiger 1897. Sue ( my grandmother) married Hill Stapleton Kelly in 1919. If you are researching any of these people please contact me by email. Thank you."

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Larry Boisseau
"Dear fellow Boisseau, 
Hello  My name is Lawrence F. Boisseau     
Screen name: LFBoissea@aol. com        
   I am searching for a connection between a William Boisseau and The 
Rev. James Boisseau. This William was married to a Sarah Walker, maybe in 
the late 1860's. They lived for a long time anyway in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. They had a son named, Edward Holmes Boisseau whom I am descended from. Any information would be helpful. "

Below is the info Larry Boisseau sent for me to place on this page several years ago. Larry was lost in the tragedy of Sept. 11th, 2001. he was last seen in WTC 1. I thought I should leave this as a tribute to Larry. I had been helping him over a year with his Boisseau side of the family and I shall continue to do so. I am still working on connecting his William Boisseau of Petersburg, Virginia to the Rev. James, I am sure they are indeed connected.  Larry  saved many children and adults that awful day. He is a true hero.
Update> June 24, 2002: Recently I have come to believe along with another cousin, Andy Boisseau that Larry's 2nd great-grandfather William Boisseau may  be a son of John E. Boisseau and his wife, Emily C. Boisseau of Dinwiddie County, Va. We need more proof first but they seem to be the only logical parents.
Karen's looking for the following Boisseau line, as she says, " Joseph BOISSEAU who was on the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin,1850 census as being born in lower Canada? Son Antoine BOISSEAU/BOSO, who was in the Civil War born Nov 23, 1847, Chippewa Falls,WI and Joseph and wife Mary Ann's daughter Josephine, born Dec. 17, 1848,Chippewa Falls, as found in Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin records." Please e-mail Karen if you are interested in this same line.
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Researchers listed below are not descended from the Rev. James but from other Boisseau lines.