BOISSEAU descendant photographs 
 Richard Holt Vaughan        &       John Archer Vaughan
              1846-1925                                     1851-1910
Thrice  4th great-grandsons of Rev. James Boisseau. Richard and John were brothers. Both of their parents were descendants of the Rev. James. Richard married Esther Clarke in 1870 and they had 7 children. John married to Rosa J. Gill in 1873 and they had 8 children.
Richard's photograph owned by his 2nd great-granddaughter,  Beth Bond.
John's photograph courtesy of his  great-granddaughter, Carolyn Ashburn & 2nd great-granddaughter, Kay King
             Josephine Boisseau
The man with her may be either her father, James Poythress Boisseau, or her husband, Joseph Boisseau.6Rev. James was her 3rd and 4th great-grandfather. Also the 3rd great-grandfather of her husband. She and Joseph married in 1866 and had 7 children.
Photo courtesy of  Lee Jacobsen, her 2nd great-grandson.
Photo courtesy of Lee Jacobsen.
Nettie Poythress Boisseau
Nettie was a daughter of the above mentioned Josephine and Joseph Boisseau. She was very interested in her family genealogy and left her researchShe never married.
Photo courtesy of  her great-grandson Lee Jacobsen.
Elizabeth Scott "Bessie" Boisseau
Another daughter of Josephine and Joseph Boisseau.
She married to Robert Lee Grant in 1896 and had one son.
              Trueman Garnett Boisseau & family
                             1870-about 1956
Trueman Boissau and wife, Maria Healy with their 8 children.
From left, sitting: Maria; daughters, Edna, Irene and Maria; Trueman Garnett.
standing: sons; Bernard, Trueman, Francis, Garnett and Robert.
 Trueman Garnett Boisseau was a 4th great-grandson of Rev. James.
Photo courtesy of  Irene Schreiner, granddaughter of Trueman and Maria, daughter of Irene.
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  This newspaper clipping is from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday, January 2, 1933 issue, page 2.

 Unfortunately both of these young men were not too long after found dead .  

Holmes Boisseau, Jr. was the son of Holmes Boisseau and Mary Gilliam, he was born in 1913 and was buried at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg, Va.
  Captain Joseph Boisseau
He was born in 1829 a son of, Joseph William Boisseau and Julia A. Rives. He married to the above mentioned Josephine Elizabeth Boisseau in 1866. They had 7 children.

This photograph was taken in 1903 in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Courtesy of his 2nd great-grandson Lee Jacobsen.
Mary A. Boisseau
Mary  was a daughter of, William E. Boisseau and his wife, Bettie Randolph Wilson.  She was a 4th great-granddaughter of the Rev. James.
In 1907 she married Reuben Levi Blanton and they had 4 children. Isn't this a beautiful photograph?
Photo courtesy of her granddaughter, MaryBettie Form.
                          George Boisseau
George Edward Boisseau was a brother of Mary Anner above.
He married to Jessie May Garrett in 1913 and they had one son.
Photograph courtesy of his grandniece, MaryBettie Form.
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                Patrick Henry Boisseau
 Patrick Henry  was a son of Benjamin Hatcher Boisseau and Matilda Ann Grigg. He was a 3rd great-grandson of the Rev. James.
He married to Susie Deane Wicks in 1881 in Louisville, Kentucky and they had three children.
Photo courtesy of his great-granddaughter, Anne K. Stiller.
                     Mary Wicks Boisseau
 Mary was a daughter of Patrick Henry Boisseau(pictured above) and Susie Deane Wicks. Here she is in a wedding photo with her husband John Thomas Watson in 1913. They had three sons.
Photo courtesy of her granddaughter, Anne K. Stiller.