Died- On Friday, October 9th, Robert G. Boisseau, in the 23d year of his age, at the seat of his father in the County of Dinwiddie. 
from the "Petersburg Intelligencer," Petersburg, Va., Tuesday, October 20, 1807 issue, p. 3, c. 1

Died- On Monday the 12th inst., Mrs. Amey Boisseau, wife of Mr. Benjamin Boisseau, both of Petersburg. 
from the "Petersburg Intelligencer," Petersburg, Va., Tuesday, October 20, 1807 issue, p. 3, c. 1
wife of a grandson

Died-At Lamberton, New Jersey, James Boisseau, of Petersburg, student of medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. No date.
from the "Visitor," Richmond, VA., Saturday, October 7, 1809 issue, p. 14, c. 2
2nd great-grandson

Died- On Wednesday, Aug. 9, in Blandford, James B. Boisseau, killed, in a duel, by Robert C. Adams. (from Petersburg Republican).  
.from the "Norfolk and Portsmouth herald," Norfolk, Va., Monday, August 14, 1820, p. 3, c. 2
2nd great-grandson

Died-At an advanced age on Saturday, Mr. Daniel Boisseau, of Chesterfield County.
 .from the "Richmond Enquirer," Richmond, Va., Thursday, February 5, 1824 issue, p. 3, c. 6

Died-In Prince George County, on Apr. 23, Mrs. Sarah W. Boisseau, wife of Edward Boisseau of Chesterfield County, leaving 5 children.
from the "Richmond Whig & public advertiser," Richmond, Va., Friday, April 29, 1842 issue,
 p. 2, c. 7
wife of a 2nd great-grandson

Died, in Chesterfield county, on the 28th of February, 1865, DELIA S., wife of James B. Vaughan, in the fortieth year of her age.
In breaking this link, the stroke of death has made a wide space in the family circle and sent a pang of sorrow to the hearts of many friends. Of a kind and cheerful disposition, yet plain and unassuming in her manners, she had endeared herself to all who knew her. In early life she professed religion and ever maintained a reputation for uniform and consistent piety.
As she lay at the very threshold of eternity, struggling with death, her eyes turned upon those she most loved on earth, and, in faint and faltering accent, she gasped,"Meet me, meet me, in Heaven." In the relationship of wife, mother, child and sister, no one was ever truer and kinder-and ever more beloved. The portals of the tomb are closed over her, but she is not forgotten; though to remember, be to lament, we will cherish her memory, and not accept of consolation that must be brought by forgetfulness.
Sad and grief-stricken husband, weeping children, mourning relatives, may the pang of separation be soothed by the circumstances of her death, and the consolation that "ye sorrow not as others who have no hope." 
 from the "Richmond Dispatch," Wednesday, March 1, 1865 issue
3rd great-granddaughter & wife of a 3rd great-grandson (nee Archer),
she is my 3rd great-grandmother 

BOISSEAU.-At his residence at Dinwiddie C. H., on the 2nd inst., Major ROBERT G. BOISSEAU, in the 54th year of his age.
His funeral will be preached at the Court-house THIS (Friday) MORNING,at 11 o'clock. The friends and acquaintances of the family are requested to attend without further notice.
from "The Daily Express", Petersburg, Va., Friday morning, December 4, 1868 issue  
2nd great-grandson

BOISSEAU.-In Dinwiddie county, Va., on the 11th instant, of a short but painful illness in the 36th year of her age, Mrs. EMMA A. BOISSEAU, consort of Captain Robert H. Boisseau.
In the death of this estimable lady, the community has lost one of its most active citizens; the social circle, one of it brightest and most attractive ornaments;friendship one of its most tender and constant adherents, and home its living, loving, soothing spirit. She leaves a kind and over affectionate husband, three darling little children, one an infant, and a large circle of constant friends, to mourn her irretrievable loss.
                       She has left us, forever gone,
                         To Heaven, that blessed land;
                       Angels bore her softly on,
                          To join their happy band.
from  "The Daily Courier", Petersburg, Va., Friday morning, March 17, 1871 issue                
wife of a 3rd great-grandson (nee Davis)

Died, in Manchester, on yesterday morning at 11 1/2 o'clock, 
Mrs. MARTHA A. ARCHER, relict of the late Richard Archer, in the seventy-third year of her age.
 Her funeral will take place THIS MORNING at 11 o'clock from the Manchester Methodist church.
Friends of the family are invited to attend.
from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, July 10, 1874 issue
2nd great-granddaughter (nee Hatcher) she is my 4th great-grandmother
                             DEATH OF DR. JAMES BOISSEAU
PETERSBURG, VA., August 17.-Dr. James Boisseau, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of Dinwiddie county, died a day or two(ago) at his home, near the Courthouse. He was about 80 years of age, and had successfully practiced his professon for a great many years, and up to a recent period, when the infirmities of age forced him to retire from active exertion. He belonged to a family noted in the annals of the county.
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Thursday, August 18, 1892 issue, p. 2
a 2nd & a 3rd great-grandson  

Mr. James Boisseau, a well-known and popular engineer on the Norfolk and Western railroad, died in Crewe last night, and his remains were brought to this city this evening for interment. Mr. Boisseau was about 45 years old, and was for many years a citizen of Petersburg. He leaves two sisters residing here-Mrs. S. H. Northington and Mrs. W. R. Lambert.        
 from "The Richmond Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Tuesday, May 3, 1898 issue, p. 4 -under a Petersburg column    
3rd great-grandson

                Veteran Boisseau Passes Away at the Soldiers' Home.
 Veteran James Boisseau died at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home yesterday. He was a member of Sands' Battery, Virginia Artillery, of Amelia county. He was sixty-eight years old, and had been at the Home for several years. He was highly-esteemed among the veterans, who knew him. The funeral took place to-day at 4 P. M. from the chapel at the Home, and Rev. Dr. Landon R. Mason will officiate.
 from "The Evening Leader," Manchester & Richmond, Va., Tuesday, September 20, 1898 issue,
 p. 3, c. 4
His Soldiers' Home papers say he died December 19, 1898. 
James was buried at Hollywood cemetery in Richmond, Va.
3rd great-grandson

                        Death in Petersburg of a Respected citizen
PETERSBURG, VA., March 29.-(Special.)-Mr. W. P. Boisseau died this morning at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Lane, on South street; aged 72 years. For many years he was a prominent farmer and citizen of Chesterfield county, but removed to Petersburg within the past year on account of his failing health. Mr. Boisseau was widely known and connected in this section. He was a man of high integrity and Christian principles. He leaves a widow and one daughters. About a year ago Mr. Boisseau's mother, Mrs. Kerr, died at the advanced age of 100 years.
from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, March 30, 1900 issue, p. 3, c. 2
William Patrick Boisseau
2nd great-grandson

                                DEATH OF R.  E. BOISSEAU.
 Mr. R. E. Boisseau, one of the best known and most substantial citizensof Dinwiddie, 
died last night at his' home near the county courthouse, after a few days' illness of  
pneumonia, Mr. Boisseau was 60 years of age, having been born in Dinwiddie county 
in 1842. He was a man of thorough integrity and uprightness of character, widely  
connected and honored as a man and citizen. He was a brave Confederate soldier.
serving throughout the war in the Dinwiddie cavalry, Third Virginia Regiment, General
W.  H.  F. Lee's division. He was noted for  his daring as a scout, and as such
rendered valuable service. He leaves a widow and two sons. He will be buried in
Blandford Cemetery Sunday afternoon.
from "The Daily Dispatch,," Richmond, Va., Sunday, November 9, 1902 issue, p. 24 
Richard Edwards Boisseau 
3rd great-grandson
note: should be W. F. H. Lee

BOISSEAU.-Died, May 2, 1903, at 4:18 P.M., at the residence of his parents, No. 1212 Dance Street, Richmond, Va., EDGAR PECHIN, third son of A. J. and Clara Boisseau, in the twenty-fifth year of his age.
 Funeral services at the grave; interment in Riverview Cemetery MAY 4th, at 10 o'clock A.M.
 Petersburg and Danville papers please copy. 
 from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 3, 1903 issue, p. B-5, c. 7
4th great-grandson

                                                     Holmes Boisseau.
 PETERSBURG, VA., Dec. 23.-Holmes Boisseau, Sr., who was stricken with paralysis several days ago, died last night in his home, in High street. Mr. Boisseau was an honored and valued citizen, and a true man in all his relations. He was a gallant Confederate soldier, serving in the Tenth Virginia Cavalry, Dearing's brigade. He was captured nearPetersburg in 1864, and was confined for some time at Point Lookout.
 Mr. Boisseau is survived by his wife, and five children-Mrs. Herbert Arrington, Misses Lizzie and Lelia Boisseau and Messrs. Holmes and Robert Boisseau. He was 56 years old.  
 from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Wednesday Afternoon, December 24, 1903 issue 
3rd great-grandson

                                          Killed by a Train.
                          [Special Dispatch to the Alexandria Gazette]
  Richmond, May 17.-Preston H. Boisseau, a young man, who formerly held a responsible position in the Southern Railway office in Washington, was killed in Petersburg today in an effort to board a Seaboard Air Line passenger train. The unfortunate young man was a candidate for the Legislature in Dinwiddie county last year.
 from the "Alexandria Gazette & Virginia Advertiser," Alexandria, Va., Tuesday Evening, May 17, 1904 issue, p. 2, c. 6
3rd great-grandson

BOISSEAU.-At her residence on Commerce St., yesterday, MISS ROSA BOISSEAU.
 Funeral will take place THIS (Wedneday) AFTERNOON at 2:30 o'clock from the Second Presbyterian Church.
 from the "Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal," Petersburg, Va., Wednesday, August 16, 1905 issue
2nd great-grandson

                                       JOSEPH BOISSEAU
 Dr. J. T. Feild received a telegram this morning, telling of the death of his uncle, Joseph Boisseau
of Shreveport, La. Mr. Boisseau was 75 years of age and is survived by a large family. Henry Feild
of this city is also a relative.
 from the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram," Fort Worth, Texas, Saturday, December 23, 1905 issue, p. 6
3rd great-grandson

                                       Mrs. Fannie P. Boisseau.
 Mrs. Fannie P. Boisseau died early yesterday morning at her home, No. 633 North Eighth Street. She had been in ill health for a long time, and her family and friends had for some weeks realized that her end was near.
 Mrs. Boisseau was the widow of the late J. F. P. Boisseau, the sister of Mr. B. M. Parham and the mother of Messrs. John, Fitz and Benjamin P. Boisseau, all popular young men. She was a woman of beautiful Christian character, of gentle, sunny disposition and was loved by all who knew her.
 The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock from the house and interment will be made in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg.
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 20, 1906 issue 
wife of a 3rd great-grandson

   The funeral of James Boisseau Hamlin, who died at the Petersburg hospital, took place last evening, with burial in Blandford cemetery. Deceased was a native and until the last two or three years a resident of Amelia county. He celebrated the 82nd anniversary of his birth in January last. Mr. Hamlin left considerable estate, which as he was never married, goes to his nieces and nephews. Among his papers was found a certificate of deposit for $5, 500.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday Afternoon, July 2, 1907 issue, under the Petersburg column, p. 4, c. 7  
3rd great-grandson

                                      Benj. L. Hatcher, Columbus.
 Columbus, Ga., January 26.-(Special.)-Benjamin T. Hatcher, age 63 years, one of the leading citizens of Columbus, died today, after having been in ill health for some time, For many years he was prominent as a cotton warehouseman, wagon manufacturer and planted, owning a large Chattahoochee valley plantation. A family survives him.
from "The Atlanta Constitution," Atlanta, Ga., Friday, January 27, 1911 issue
the L. middle initial was the way it was listed  in the paper
3rd great-grandson

                                        Death of Venerable Woman.
 Mrs. Susan A. Boisseau, widow of Andrew J. Boisseau, of this city, died this morning about 9 o'clock at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Ida E. Northington, on North Sycamore Street. She was in her eighty-fourth year, and was highly esteemed. She is survived by three daughters-Mrs. Ida E. Northington sand Mrs. James Phillips, of Petersburg, and Mrs. H. J. McAllister, of Norfolk. The funeral will take place from the residence to-morrow afternoon.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Saturday, May 13, 1911 issue, p. 9, c. 4
wife of a 2nd great-grandson

Petersburg, March 28.-Miss Marion Boisseau, of Dinwiddie County, died yesterday at her home about 12 miles from Petersburg. Miss Boisseau was 60 years of age, and is survived by three brothers and two sisters.
from "The Washington Post," Washington, D. C., Sunday, March 29, 1914 issue, p. 2
3rd & 4th great-granddaughter

                                             Thomas H. Boisseau.
Thomas H. Boisseau, a Confederate veteran, died in the Soldier's Home yesterday, aged eighty-two years. He was a native of Dinwiddie, of which he was the last of the old court of magistrates. For many years and until he became an inmate of the Soldier's Home, he was a resident of Petersburg. The body will be buried in the old family cemetery in Dinwiddie. Mr. Boisseau is survived by seven children-O. J., of Dinwiddie Courthouse; T. M., of Church Road; Mrs. Pettillo, of Petersburg; F. G. and Mrs. Ruth O'Brien, of  Philadelphia, and B. G. Boisseau, of Los Angeles, Cal. *           
 from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, December 29, 1916 
 *some of the children's initials are incorrect, and Pettillo should be Pattillo
3rd great-grandson

  Mrs. Anna Boisseau Dyson, died at her home here last night. She was in her seventy-fourth years[sic] and is survived by four children.
from "The Washington Post," Washington, D. C., January 22, 1922 issue, p. 3
this was under a column of Petersburg, Va. news
(nee Simonson)
4th great-granddaughter


                                           William B. Orgain Buried at Wilson
 Funeral services for William Boisseau Orgain, former well known Danville man, who died suddenly in Wilson, N. C., on Saturday evening, were conducted Sunday afternoon at that place. Rev. F. S. Love, pastor of First Methodist Church, conducted the obsequies, the graveside services being under the auspices of Lebanon Lodge No. 17 A. F. and A. M. Interment was in Maplewood cemetery.
 Mr. Orgain's death came with tragic swiftness. He sustained an acute attack of indigestion at his home and died before medical aid could reach him. Mr. Orgain was for someyears in the tobacco business here and went to Wilson to continue his work there. At the time of his death, however, he was head of an automobile sales company. Mr. Orgain was 33 years of age. He is survived by his widow, formerly Miss Virginia Woodward, also a daughter, Mary Virginia Orgain. His mother, Mrs. Mary B. Orgain, lives here also a brother and two sisters.
 from "The Bee," Danville, Va., Monday, January 5, 1925 issue, p. 3, c. 4
5th great-grandson

                                               Ben P. Boisseau
 Ben P. Boisseau died yesterday at the Terrace Springs Sanatorium. He is survived by two brothers, Fitz T. Boisseau, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and John E. Boisseau, of Baltimore. Announcement of the funeral will be made later.                 
 from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, December 25, 1928 issue 
4th great-grandson

                                             MRS. H. V. MOODY
 Funeral services for Mrs. Harriet Virginia Moody, widow of R. B. Moody, was held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the grave in the family burying ground, Diwinddie county.
 Rev. W. B. Jett, pastor of Wesley M. E. Church, officiated and the following were pallbearers; J. H. Boisseau, J. W. Phillips, T. J. Jackson, J. S., M. B. and W. H. Williams.
from "The Progress-Index," Petersburg, Va., Sunday, January 6, 1929 issue, p. 2, c. 3 
she was Harriet Boisseau before her marriage to Robert B. Moody
3rd great-granddaughter

                                             A. J. BOISSEAU.
 A. J. Boisseau, 85, died Monday at the home of his son, W. C. Boisseau, 621 1/2 South Laurel street, and funeral services were held at 10 o'clock today from the Bliley funeral home, with interment at Riverview. He is survived by his son; also by a daughter, Mrs. Ethel G. Parker, and four grandchildren.
 from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, January 15, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 8
3rd great-grandson

                                           Robert H. Boisseau.
 PETERSBURG, VA., Sept. 10-Robert H. Boisseau, son of Mrs. Helen M. Boisseau and the late Holmes Boisseau, died this morning at 2 o'clock after a long illness. Funeral services will be held at the grave in Blandford Cemetery tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. The Rev. H. C. Pfeiffer, pastor of Washington Street M. E. Church, will officiate. Mr. Boisseau is survived by his mother, and the following sisters and brothers; Mrs. H. Rives Hooper; Mrs. Elizabeth D. Chappell; Miss Lelia Boisseau and Holmes Boisseau, all of this city.                                  
 from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, September 11, 1931 issue
4th great-grandson
                                                 W. E. Boisseau
                                                 Veteran Sheriff
                                                                  Dies Suddenly
            Had Held Some Office More Than 41 Years in Prince George County
                                                His Career Unique
                 Never Drew Gun and Was Never Fired on in Duty
 PETERSBURG, VA., Feb. 23.-Sheriff William E. Boisseau, 81, of Prince George County, died suddenly this afternoon at his home at Prince George Courthouse, his death coming exactly three weeks after that of his wife Mrs. Mollie Birchett Boisseau.
 Funeral services had not been completed here today, but it is expected that services will be conducted Saturday afternoon with burial in the family section of Blandford Cemetery.
  Sheriff Boisseau was one of the county's most beloved citizens and was one of the best-known county officials in Virginia. He had held the office of sheriff of Prince George for more than 41 years and prior to that time was a school teacher in the county.
  Although he had been in poor health for some time, Sheriff Boisseau was active almost to the time of his death. He suffered a heart attack last night but rallied and his condition today was believed improved. Shortly before his death he was talking to his only daughter, Mrs. Floyd Brown, at his home. She went out of the room for a few minutes, and when she returned she found him dead in bed in the same position in which she had left him.
  Sheriff Boisseau was born in Dinwiddie County, May 4, 1852 and removed to Prince George as a young man. He always took an active part in the affairs of the county and held an eviable record as sheriff. During his long term of office he was never shot at by any person, never shot anyone, never had a person to escape while making an arrest and never had to draw a gun in making an arrest. 
  He was a member of Disputanta Lodge, A. F. and A. M. and a member of Second Presbyterian Church, Petersburg. he is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Floyd Brown of Prince George Courthouse, three grandchildren, Miss Virginia Boisseau and Richard Boisseau of this city; and Mrs. William Holt, Angleton, Texas. He had a number of other relatives in the county.
  Sheriff and Mrs. Boisseau celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in the fall of 1931. Mrs. Boisseau's death occurred three weeks ago folowing a brief illness. For about forty years she served as postmaster at Prince George Courthouse and long had been prominent in the social, religious and civic life of the county.
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, February 24, 1933 issue, p. 20, c. 1
3rd great-grandson

                                   Funeral Service of Wirt Boisseau Held On Sunday
 Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at four o'clock for William Wirt Boisseau for many years deputy city sergeant and jailor and prior to that a member of the city fire department. Mr. Boisseau died of angina pectoris at Noell's factory building at the corner of Loyal and Linn street on Saturday morning.
  The funeral was held at Calvary church and was conducted by Rev. E. G. Hill and Rev. J. L. Bray, interment being in Leemont cemetery.
 The pall-bearers were, Ben W. Beach, R. L. Swain, Eugene Noel, Henry Swanson, Tom Davis, Herbert M. Martin, R. A. Vaughn, Walter Keeling.
 The flowers bearers were T. T. Adams, Whitfield Smith, H. E. Ferguson, Jess W. Yarbrough, Edwin Ragland, Guy F. Walton, E. V. Smith, A. J. Grady, George E. Bendall, George Lavinder, Jr., J. Lee Tunstall, Harry Wooding, Sr., Harry Wooding, Jr., Atwell Farley, Kerr Farley, Roland Farley, John R. Hall, Kerr Mitchell, William Mitchell, J. T. Evans, Clarence Bradley, Holt Lyon, W. T. Harsnburger, Edward Perkinson, W. S. Ferguson, W. K. Anderson, W. G. Hudgins, Basil Browder, J. R. Bell, H. L. Drumwright, S. E. Hancock, Percy Hubbard, W. P. Drumwright, Gamewell Lewis, Ivy Cousins, L. N. Davis, R. D. Vernon, J. H. Tate and Edgar Pollok.
 from "The Bee," Danville, Va., Monday, November 20, 1933 issue, p. 3, c. 4 & 5   
4th great-grandson
                                           MISS LELIA BOISSEAU
 PETERSBURG. July 16-Miss Lelia Boisseau died early today at her home, the residence of her mother, Mrs. Helen M. Boisseau, 114 Franklin Street, after an illness of six weeks.
 Funeral services will be held at the grave in Blandford cemetery tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 o'clock. the Rev. J. B. Winn, D. D., pastor of Washington Street M. E. Church, will officiate.
 Besides her mother she is survived by one brother and two sisters, Holmes Boisseau, Mrs. Annie Rives Hooper and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Chappell, all of Petersburg.
 from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, July 17, 1934 issue
4th great-granddaughter

                                DINWIDDIE MAN DIES SUDDENLY
                       Knox D. Boisseau Victim of Heart Attack at Home in Ford
 Knox D. Boisseau, prominent merchant and postmaster of Ford, Dinwiddie county, died this morning about 6 o'clock at his home. Although he had been in declining health for some time, suffering a heart ailment, Mr. Boisseau apparently was as well as usual when he retired and his sudden death came as a shock to friends and relatives.
 He was stricken with a heart attack about 5:30 o'clock this morning and died just about the time the doctor reached the Boisseau residence.
 He was in the 54th year of his age and a native and lifelong resident of Dinwiddie. He was the son of Mrs. Hattie Doyle Boisseau and the late G. A. Boisseau, of Dinwiddie.
 The deceased is survived by his mother, Mrs. G. A. Boisseau, of Dinwiddie; wife, Mattie Eppes Boisseau, of Ford; son, Sidney Eppes Boisseau, of Ford; two daughters, Mrs. Louis G. Coleman and Miss Lucille T. Boisseau, of Ford; three sisters, Mrs. A. G. Boisseau, of Dinwiddie; Mrs. B. L. Clark, of Petersburg, and Mrs. W. A. Williams, of Petersburg; and one brother, R. G. Boisseau, of DeWitt.
 Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the residence. Rev. T. W. Ogden, pastor of Corinth M. E. church, will officiate and the body will be laid to rest in the family burying ground near the home.
from "The Progress-Index, Petersburg, Va., Tuesday, September 15, 1936 issue, starts on the front page in column 3 and then goes to p. 9, c. 1
4th great-grandson                                                    
                                         JEFF DAVIS BOISSEAU
FORD-Jeff Davis Boisseau, 76, retired farmer, died Thursday morning of a heart attack in a store near his home here. He was a life-long resident of Dinwiddie County, a son of the late Captain Robert H. Boisseau and Mrs. Emma Davis Boisseau. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. W. B. Allen of Blackstone, Mrs. D. L. Matthews of Portsmouth, Mrs. B. W. Wells of McKenney and Mrs. W. B. Lewis of Ford; six sons, J. Y. Boisseau of Crewe, R. J. Boisseau of Portsmouth, J. A. Boisseau of Blackstone and B. D., J. H. and L. W. Boisseau of Ford; one sister, Mrs. L. E. Coleman of DeWitt; a half-sister, Mrs. J. A. Bentley of DeWitt and a half-brother, R. J. Boisseau of Church Road; 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the grave in the family cemetery at the Boisseau home near Ford, Friday at 3 P. M.
. from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, October 4, 1940 issue
4th great-grandson

                                         Mrs. Boisseau Dies at Home
CHURCH ROAD-Mrs. Henrietta Doyle Boisseau, 86, daughter of the late Captain William F. and Marta Hargrave Dayle[sic], died Friday at her home near Dinwiddie Courthouse. She was the oldest surviving meber of Hawkins Memorial Methodist Church and was a lifelong resident of Dinwiddie County.
Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. A. G. Boisseau Dinwiddie; Mrs. B. L. Clarke and Mrs. W. A. Williams, Petersburg; a son, R. G. Boisseau, DeWitt; a sister, Mrs. Lula D. Epps, Crewe; two brothers, A. H. Doyle, Houston, Texas, and W. F. Doyle, Washington, D. C.; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2 P.M. Sunday at her residence, with burial in the family cemetery at the Doyle home, Weiland.
The services will be conducted by the Rev. G. Lee Marker, pastor of Hawkins Memorial Methodist Church, assisted by the Rev. J. L. Algis, former pastor of the church.
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, January 1, 1941  issue, p. 16
wife of a 3rd great-grandson

                                           Va. Postmaster Dies
 Petersburg, Va., June 16.-Mrs. Irella Boisseau Bailey, 46, postmaster at Prince George Courthouse for the past 13 years and one-time commissioner of revenue for Prince George County, died at the home of her daughter in Newport News early tday according to weord received here.
 from "The Washington Post," Washington, D. C., June 17, 1945 issue
4th great-granddaughter 

                                     MRS. THOMAS A. MUNT, JR.
Mrs. Annie Boisseau Munt, wife of Thomas A. Munt, Jr., died this morning after a long period of declining health.
 Mrs. Munt was a native and lifelong resident of Prince George County. She is survived by her husband, a son, Thomas A. Munt, III, both of Prince George County, a daughter, Mrs. Russell J. Pape, of Smithfield, and four grandchildren.
Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
 from "The Progress-Index," Petersburg, Va., Thursday, July 24, 1952 issue, p. 13, c. 7(second section)

                                      MRS. THOMAS A. MUNT, JR.
Funeral services for Mrs. Annie Boisseau Munt, wife of Thomas A. Munt, Jr., will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the chapel of J. T. Morriss & Son. Dr. W. B. McIlwaine, Jr. pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, of which she was a member, and the Rev. Frank Lemon, pastor of Gregory Memorial Church, Prince George, will officiate. Interment will be in Blandford Cemetery.
 from "The Progress-Index," Petersburg, Va., Friday, July 25, 1952 issue, page 9, column 4(second section)
4th great-grandson

                                       MRS. TRUMAN BOISSEAU
 Mrs. Truman Boisseau, wife if a retired conductor of the Pennsylvania Railroad, died Saturday at the
cottage of her daughter, Mrs. Marie Foster, at Sea Isle City.  She was 75 and lived at 600 N. 52nd.
 She was the former Marie Healey.
 Surviving also are five sons, Garnett, Truman, Jr., Thomas, Bernard and Robert, all of this city, and two other daughters, Mrs. Irene Jones of this city, and Mrs. Edna Thomas of Annapolis, Md.
 Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 10 A.M. Thursday in the Church of Our Lady of Victory, 54th and Vine. Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery..
  from "The Evening Bulletin," Philadelphia, Pa., July 28, 1952 issue
This obituary contributed by Irene Schreiner, granddaughter of Maria. She also points out the following: "innacuracies are:  Husband, Truman should be Trueman.  He was a railroad BRAKEMAN. SHE was actually 83 but lied all her life about her age.  Her maiden name was HEALY, not HEALEY.  Surviving son, Truman WAS NOT A JR>   Oh, and Sea Isle City was in Cape May County, New Jersey.  My aunt's children still have a house there."
wife of a 4th great-grandson

BOISSEAU.-Passed away at his residence, 3012 Monument Ave., Saturday, Nov. 8, 1952, Dr. J. Gordon Boisseau. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gladys Crowder Boisseau; his mother, Mrs. C. C. Boisseau; one sister, Mrs. L. W. G.; his three brothers, R. C. and Francis Boisseau, all of Richmond, and Kapers Boisseau, of Seattle, Washington. Remains rest at the Sutherland-Brown Funeral Home, Boulevard and Kensington Avenue, where services will be held Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Interment in Hollywood.
from "The Richmond Times-Dispatch", Sunday, November 9, 1952 issue, p. 12-1, col. 5
his first name was James, his brother should be listed as Capers not Kapers
4th great-grandson

                     Virginia Steel Founder, B. M. Boisseau, 65, Dies 
Blair Manson Boisseau, 65, founder of the Virginia Steel Company and president of it until his retirement on December 31, 1958, died Saturday at his home, 214 S. Welton Rd.
The steel firm was founded in 1911. It opened a plant in Birmingham, Ala. in 1935 and in 1950 it began operating at Miami, Fla. During World War II Virginia Steel manufactured fragmentation bombs.
In 1957, Mr. Boisseau, whose family owned all thecompany's stock, sold Virginia Steel to the Buffalo Tank Corporation, a subsidary of Bethlehem Steel.
Mr. Boisseau was a member of the Commonwealth Club and the Country Club of Virginia. He was on the board of directors of the Boys Club of Richmond and was a past president of the Reinforced Concrete Steel Institute.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Brannan Boisseau; a daughter, Mrs. Edward Boze, Jr., two brothers, Marion S. and Laurie S. Boisseau and two grandchildren, all of Richmond.
A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Frank A. Bliley Funeral home, with burial in Hollywood Cemetery.
 from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 31, 1959, p. 6-D, c. 1
5th great-grandson
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