Virginia marriages
Lucy Boisseau to Thomas Williams, November 27, 1746, Bedford County

James Boisseau to Mary Jones, October 29, 1777, Sussex County

Daniel F. Boisseau to Priscilla Hill, January 28, 1786, Chesterfield County

John Boisseau to Nancy Carter, July 15, 1786, Prince Edward County

Mary Goodwyn Boisseau to Peter Vaughan, October 18, 1786, Dinwiddie County

Lucy Boisseau to Thomas Cogbill, July 19, 1789, Chesterfield County

Patrick Boisseau to Martha Winfree, January 1798, Chesterfield County

Susanna Boisseau to Benjamin Hatcher, December 2, 1798, Chesterfield County 

David Boisseau to Tabitha Hatcher, December 1801, Chesterfield County

Anner Patrick Watkins to William Fisher, August 30, 1803, Chesterfield County

Rebecca Hill Boisseau to Thomas E. Gary, November 4, 1805, Chesterfield County

William Boisseau to (Athaliah) Keziah Goodwyn, January 11, 1808, Greensville County

Elizabeth Boisseau to Thomas Howlett, November 15, 1808, Chesterfield County

Anner Patrick Boisseau to John Watkins, January 13, 1812, Chesterfield County

Edward Hill Boisseau to Sarah Worsham Baugh, September 29, 1814, Petersburg

Susanna B. Cogbill to Branch Hatcher, October 9, 1817, Chesterfield County

Mary B. Hatcher to Alexander Archer, November 1817, Chesterfield County

Thyrza Holt Boisseau to Lemuel Holt Vaughan, December 4, 1817, county unknown, probably Dinwiddie.

Daniel Thompson Boisseau to Mildred Wade Haskins, February 2, 1820, Prince Edward County

William E. Boisseau to Mary W. Johnson, June 3, 1821, Sussex County

Martha A. Hatcher to Richard Archer, December 13, 1821, Chesterfield County 

Page Patrick Hatcher to William Archer, June 11, 1822, Chesterfield County

Mary Eliza Holt "Polly" Cogbill to Alexander Anderson Moir, March 27, 1823, Chesterfield County

Sarah E. Boisseau to Alexander G. Strachan, January 14, 1824, Petersburg

Peter F. Boisseau to Eliza Bradley, January 21, 1824, Chesterfield County

Pauline B. Hatcher to Joseph Atwell Lafon, April 26, 1827, Chesterfield County

Benjamin Boisseau to Mary Ann Wells, June 1827, Petersburg

Rebecca A. Cogbill to Samuel Hatcher, April 24, 1828, Chesterfield County

Mary G. Boisseau to Alexander G. Strachan, April 7, 1830, Dinwiddie County

Susan Boisseau Hatcher to James Bott, March 15, 1831, Chesterfield County

Lucy G. Cogbill to Benjamin Hatcher, August 17, 1831, Chesterfield County 

Anner Obedience Hatcher to Samuel Washington Weisiger, April 25, 1833, 
Chesterfield County

Elizabeth Adeline Boisseau to Henry Parham, October 16, 1833, unknown county

Edward L. Boisseau to Eveline Barnes, April 29, 1834, Brunswick County

Robert Goodwyn Boisseau to Martha Eppes Hardaway, Oct. 1835, Dinwiddie County

William E. Boisseau to Julia Grigg, March 15, 1837, Dinwiddie County

Edward Hill Cogbill to Catherine Cole, November 1838, Chesterfield County

Sarah W. Boisseau to Robert Thomas Lamb, December 9, 1839, Chesterfield County

Elizabeth R. Boisseau to Winfield S. Gibbs, January 18, 1840, Chesterfield County

Peter Boisseau to Marianne Muir, October 28, 1840, Dinwiddie County

Benjamin Boisseau to Elsie Amanda Vaughan, December 16, 1840, Nottoway County.

Elizabeth R. Boisseau to Winfield S. Gibbs, January 18, 1841, Chesterfield County

Joseph G. Boisseau to Ann Jane Clarke, November 15, 1842, Dinwiddie County.

Priscilla H. Boisseau to Lewis G. Simonson, May 27, 1843, Chesterfield County.

Ann Lavinia Archer to Cornelius A. Hall, October 1844, Chesterfield County

Delia Susan Archer to James B. Vaughan, March 1845, Chesterfield County

Dr. Edgar Archer to Martha Susan Archer, April 1850, Amelia County

Amy Eppes Boisseau to William Mason Lewis, October 18, 1851, Dinwiddie County.

William Patrick Boisseau to Mary E. Fitzgerald, April 11, 1854, Nottoway County

William A. Boisseau to A. H. J. Brown, March 28, 1856, Culpeper County

Robert Hardaway Boisseau to Emma A. Davis, October 29, 1857, Dinwiddie County

Richard Watson Boisseau to Marian E. Barnes, January 20, 1858, Amelia County

James Boisseau to Martha E. Cousins, February 29, 1860, Dinwiddie County

Marianna Boisseau to Robert E. Bridgeforth, December 05, 1860, Amelia County

Jennie Park Boisseau to William Gee, February 20, 1861, Dinwiddie County

Athelina K. Boisseau to William C. Belcher, April 11, 1861, Dinwiddie County

John Fitz Patrick Boisseau to Fannie E. Parham, December 09, 1863, Petersburg

William Camillus Archer to Alice Boisseau Archer, June 22, 1864, Chesterfield County

Emmet Washington Weisiger to Elizabeth Trueheart Royall, October 18, 1865, Powhatan County

Richard Edwards Boisseau to Rosa Goodwyn Burnett, 1866, Petersburg 

Joseph Boisseau to Josephine E. Boisseau, April 11, 1866, Dinwiddie County

Jennie Park Boisseau Gee to Albert M. Orgain, October 17, 1866

Richard Boisseau to Fannie Williams, October 28, 1868, Petersburg  

James W. Boisseau to Elinor Epes Brown, March 31, 1869, Dinwiddie County

Richard Boisseau to Katy Howlett, September 8, 1869, Chesterfield County

Benjamin Boisseau Weisiger to Mary Patteson, December 22, 1869, Manchester

William Boisseau to Eliza Day, October 5, 1870, Danville

Emily Boisseau to Patrick F. Moody, March 22, 1871, Dinwiddie County

Thomas Boisseau to Mary Branch, April 19, 1871, Petersburg

Benjamin G. Boisseau to Alice A. Goodwyn, January 17, 1872, Dinwiddie County

Sarah J. Boisseau to Robert B. Moody, April 17, 1872, Dinwiddie County

Adrian J. Boisseau to Clara C. Pechin, September 17, 1873, Richmond city

Holmes Boisseau to Helen M. Daniel, January 15, 1874, Petersburg

Thomas Boisseau to Anne F. Flournoy, November 12, 1874, Chesterfield County 

William Edward Boisseau to Elizabeth R. Wilson, February 24, 1875, Chesterfield County

Gustavus A. Boisseau to Henrietta C. Doyle, March 24, 1875, Dinwiddie County

York Boisseau to E. Boisseau, December 22, 1876, Chesterfield County

James Holt Boisseau to Eliza W. Crump, November 08, 1877, Petersburg

Martha Ellen Boisseau to Bracey H. Ragsdale, December 12, 1881, Dinwiddie County

Caleb Capers Boisseau to Belle Coleman, January 19, 1888, Mannboro, Amelia County

Jefferson Davis Boisseau to Mary Annie L. Bentley, November 07, 1888, Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Fitz Henry Boisseau to Sarah Virginia Sydnor, November 12, 1889, Richmond

Harriet Virginia Boisseau to Robert B. Moody, May 20, 1890, Dinwiddie County

Emma Eugenia Boisseau to John A. Bentley, December 17, 1890, Dinwiddie County

Maria E. Boisseau to S. E. Vaiden, December 13, 1892, Dinwiddie County

Obediah Jennings Boisseau to Laura Bert Coleman, May 1, 1893, Roanoke

Maude Boisseau to Junius Neaves, April 11, 1894, Dinwiddie County

Selden R. Boisseau to Effie L. Haddon, September 26, 1896, Dinwiddie County

Obediah Jennings Boisseau to Edna F. Ellenborough, December 29, 1896, Dinwiddie County

Sallie Epes Boisseau to Walter J. Branch, April 7, 1897, Dinwiddie County

Robert H. Boisseau to Kate G. Blanford, November 16, 1898, Dinwiddie County

Maachah Boisseau to Horace M. Pattillo, March 2, 1899, Dinwiddie County

Pauline Beville to John Robert Pamplin, January 17, 1900, Dinwiddie County 

Maude Boisseau Neaves to George A. Hitchcock, July 27, 1901, Dinwiddie County

William Wirt Boisseau to Lilah J. Sublett, June 25, 1902, Danville

Sterling Boisseau to Katherine Drewry, August 7, 1902, Richmond city

Martha Evelyn Boisseau to Reuben Lynwood Baldwin, May 20, 1903, Dinwiddie County 

Linda May Boisseau to Benjamin Eppes Dabney, December 22, 1903, Dinwiddie County

Peter Boisseau to Alice Patterson Cunningham, April 11, 1905, Petersburg

Benjamin Lewis Boisseau to Minnie Yates Mayes, January 30, 1906, Sussex County

Mary Anner Boisseau to Reuben Levi Blanton, June 26, 1907, Amelia County

Mary Wood Boisseau to Sidney Floyd Brown, November 6, 1907, Prince George County 

James Holt Boisseau, Jr. to Mary Moody, February 6, 1908, Dinwiddie County

Joseph Yates Boisseau to Ada Pearl Wells, December 9, 1908, Petersburg

Robert Goodwyn Boisseau to Bessie Evelyn Bentley, May 03, 1909, Dinwiddie County

Maggie Estelle Boisseau to Leslie Loraine Perkins, May 12, 1909, Petersburg

Mary Elizabeth Boisseau to John William Phillips, Jr., October 28, 1909, Petersburg 

Susie Boisseau Ragsdale to Charles Stuart Lewis, January 4, 1911, Dinwiddie County

Josephine Eliza Boisseau to Joseph Sidney Williamson, January 19, 1911, Dinwiddie County

Vivian Temperance Boisseau to D'Arcy Paul Wright, June 12, 1912, Dinwiddie County

George Edward Boisseau to Jessie May Garrett, January 15, 1913, Powhatan County

Mary Wicks Boisseau to John Thomas Watson, November 10, 1915, Danville

Margaret Estelle Boisseau to Robert E. King, August 8, 1917, Alexandria

Louise Park Boisseau to Benjamin L. Clarke, Jr., May 4, 1918, Dinwiddie County

Robert Jefferson Boisseau to Virginia Mary Branch, March 15, 1919, Portsmouth

Alexander C. Boisseau to Mary Elizabeth Vaughan, June 01, 1928, Christianburg

Lucy Evelyn Boisseau to Charles Eppes Ford, June 9, 1928, Dinwiddie County  

                                     Georgia marriages
Samuel J. Hatcher to Elizabeth McGehee, November 26, 1843, Harris County

                                   Kentucky marriages

Nancy Boisseau to George Myers, November 1810, Logan County

Sarah "Sally" Boisseau to Robert D. Maupin, November 28, 1814, Barren County

Lucy C. Boisseau to Thomas Peter Dance, May 26 1818, Logan County

Mary Frances Boisseau to Sam Harris, September 21, 1883, Simpson County

Daniel Boisseau to Mary E. Bowling, October 1, 1883, Simpson County

Daniel T. Boisseau to Ida F. Cundiff, December 22, 1884, Simpson County

                                 Louisiana marriages

Elizabeth Scott Boisseau to Robert Lee Grant, October 8, 1896, Shreveport

                                Maryland marriages

Hugh Mercer Boisseau to Frances May Churchill, September 14, 1897, Annapolis

                                 Missouri marriages

Benjamin Waddell Boisseau to Sybil Ann Duncan, January 1842, Johnson County

Susan Elizabeth Boisseau to Edward S. Thornton, September 14, 1856, Johnson County

Sarah Jane Boisseau to Lucian B. Dean, April 1864, Johnson County

Lucy M. Boisseau to John T. Marr, November 28, 1865, Johnson County

Charles D. Boisseau to Jane C. Gilliland, January 1867, Johnson County

                              North Carolina marriages

Thomas Holmes Boisseau to Lavinia Estelle Stell, June 13, 1855, Weldon, Halifax County 

Edna Virginia Boisseau to Benjamin Boisseau Bobbitt, November 17, 1902, Raleigh

                                Pennsylvania marriages

Robert Shadrack Boisseau to Margaret Murphy, July 19, 1888, Philadelphia

Ruth Gibson Boisseau to James O'Brien, June 3, 1901, Philadelphia

                               Tennessee marriages

Virginia M. Boisseau to George E. Short, January 14, 1858, Robertson County

Indiana G. Boisseau to Silvester F. Webb, August 17, 1854, Robertson County

William Holt Boisseau, Jr. to Mattie Epley, July 1885, Robertson County

James Boisseau to Nora Ann Cross, September 11, 1897, Robertson County

Walter Owens Boisseau to Maude Moore, April 01, 1900, Robertson County

                        Washington, D. C. marriages

William Epes Boisseau to Mary P. "Mollie" Birchett, September 14, 1881

Caleb Capers Boisseau to Sadie E. Mallory, February 1913, both of Richmond, Va.             

Isabella O. Boisseau to James B. Bailey, September 21, 1914, both of Prince George          County, Va.                         
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